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What is CannaSpa?

Cannaspa Self Care Series

CannaSpa features alternative spa services performed by professional estheticians, nail technicians, and sports massage therapists who are educated in the use of cannabis infused products to promote holistic healing. Examples of this are facials, manicures and body massages using cannabis infused oils, ointments and other cannabis solvents.
Guests who attend our CannaSpa events enjoy the medicinal benefits of deeper muscle relaxation due to these infused oils that connect with the cannabinoid system. Our guests also enjoy cannabis infused bites, treats, and cocktails which all can provide enhanced benefits to those who suffer from chronic pain and a variety of other medical conditions and illnesses.

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Baby Boomers

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Gout, Arthritis.

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April 18, 2020

Autoimmune Deficiency

Lupus, Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, MS, etc.

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Pregnancy and Parenting

Consumption and delivery during pregnancy as well as parenting for the cannabis consumer.

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Pain Management/
Mental Health

Physical pain management and mental health.

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Alternative use for drug rehab

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The final event

The Final Event will encompass panels on all the above subjects

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Cannaspa Celebrity Gifting Suite

July.13 ESPY
august.28 VMA
September.17 Emmys

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Culinary Flower Expo

(Details to be announced)

The Food Festival offers a wide range of special events and tastings with a special focus on Infused food culture. The Culinary Flower Expo is driven by enthusiasm and passion for food, and seeks to promote the infused cannabis chef nationally as well as internationally. We gather some of the leading producers, chefs and enthusiasts to raise questions and create experiences around the Cannabis Culinary industry.

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Holloweed Soiree

(Details to be announced)

The 420 friendly Halloween event, with special effects makeup contest, edibles contest, costume contest, gift bags, music and more.